Nelson Camera Club

Ownership & copyright

Members of the club retain full ownership and copyright to their images at all times:-

  • With the exception of the Club website and newsletter, images will not be used, reproduced or distributed without the author’s specific permission for each intended use.
  • All persons acting on behalf, for, or as instructed or invited by the Nelson Camera Club, shall adhere to this policy.

For ease of viewing, prints will be digitised for projecting on club nights, however:-

  • All images will be judged as originally submitted.

Newsletter, website

The Club reserves the right to reproduce images for the newsletter and website:

“By entering any image in any Nelson Camera Club Competition the author agrees that the Club can use the image for the club’s website and newsletter”

Archiving thumbnails

  • For reasons of archiving the club will retain a ‘thumbnail’ version of all images that have been entered in Club competitions. These images will be stored on the Camera Club Web-server.

Note: This is a ‘thumbnail’ image only,  with such a low resolution that it cannot be used anywhere else.


The judge is requested to delete the images from his or her computer after judging is complete and not to show the images to anyone other than those involved in the judging.



  • The above shall not extend to any entries submitted to a competition not controlled by the Nelson Camera Club.


February 2013.

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