Nelson Camera Club

Nelson National Triptych Salon 2018

Entry Form

Opens 1st August & Closes 31st August


Please note :-

We have attempted to make entering the Nelson National Triptych Salon as simple as possible by providing an entry form that is easily completed. This comes with slight costs :-

 There are no facilities for adding, removing or changing your entry once it is made. In other words, once submitted your entry cannot be altered. Please be certain that you are satisfied with your entry before clicking on the submit button.

 All images must be titled. Any images that are untitled or have the name ‘Untitled’ or similar will not be accepted

 The file names for digital entries must be the same as the corresponding titles .

Please read the Salon Terms and Conditions before completing your entry.

We suggest that you collect together all your individual triptych files and titles in a dedicated folder on your computer before completing the entry form.

If you experience any problems in submitting your entry please contact


There is a real live person at the end of this email who is happy to give you all the help they can as quickly as they can. Good luck with your entry!


Internet Banking

Account:-                       ‘Nelson Camera Club – Triptych’

Account Number:-        03-1354-0254627-01

Reference:-  Enter your last name in “Particulars”, your first name in “Payee Code”

 Note:-  If your bank requires 3 digits in the suffix field, then enter 001 instead of 01

Entry Notification:-  You will be sent an email of your entry when Submitting your entry


Entries have now closed for the 2018 competition



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