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Nelson Camera Club

Competition Entry Form


File should be named as follow:
Grade: A or B
followed by the title [maximum of 40 characters in length]
Example: B-Lazy Days.jpg
this would be the correct filename for an entry into B grade for the competition with the title “Lazy Days”


Digital images must be in jpg format and must not exceed 1620 Pixels width and 1080 Pixels height


A & B Grade Entries:
Prints must be mounted onto a mat, should be no smaller than 15cm x 20cm [6″ x 8″] and no larger than 40.5cm x 51cm [16″ x 20″]

Image Title: should be written on the back of the image located top centre and be a maximum of 40 characters in length.

Please select a valid form

Entries closed for the 2019 year